Intraspin L-PRF

Leukocyte - Platelet Rich Fibrin

Leukocyte - Platelet Rich Fibrin is used here in our practice. It essentially is a clot that is formed from drawing a patient's blood and spun in this state of the art centrifuge. The clot has an abundance of "healing cells" that are used with bone grafting procedures to allow for better healing, less pain , and faster recovery time. Studies have shown that when used in sockets after wisdom teeth extractions it helps to reduce the risk of alveolar osteitis also known as dry socket.

The ONLY FDA Cleared Device CE Marked, ISO 13485:2003

Certified MEDICAL DEVICE for the Production of L-PRF.

The IntraSpin™ System establishes a three-step protocol for drawing and centrifuging the patient’s blood, removing the fibrin clot and processing it in the Xpression™ Fabrication Kit. A thin, compressed layer of Platelet Rich Fibrin or plugs for extraction sites can then be formed, using either the internal plate or the piston assembly.